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How Lakeview Church Does Ministry

Lakeview Church has a model where everyone can belong before you believe. That means: 

1. Sunday morning is a place that is primarily for the guest and secondarily for believers (or people who are familiar to church experiences)

2. Our weekly programming is mainly for believers (this would be traditional Bible Studies, small groups, and educational classes)

We do our best to make the church accessible to anyone who comes through our doors while at the same time staying true to the Bible and not compromising God's Word (the Bible). Simply put we don't use terms that people who haven't read the Bible won't understand or we explain it clearly when we do. For example we would say "connecting" instead of "fellowship" or "growing" instead of "discipleship."

Lakeview Church also puts all of its SERMONS on youtube so that people in the community can check us out before they come. The way we make our church known is by sending a mailer to every home in the counties we are in with an invitation to our online sermons and an invitation to our services. 

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