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Phase 1

Phase 1 begins by the purchase of the strip mall where Lakeview Church currently meets in Stansbury Park, Utah. The initial funds needed to purchase this strip mall are being acquired from external donors and investors. This strip mall is currently fully leased out. 

Upon purchase, Lakeview CO. will use the funds in five ways:

1. Fund the Great Commission through Lakeview Church

2. pay Lakeview CO. staff and operation expenses

3. put aside funds for capital expenses 

4. pay out royalties to Lakeview CO. investors

5. begin the investment in the next project

Once the first strip mall is in motion, it is the plan of Lakeview CO. to purchase 1 strip mall a year for the next 10 years, which will both become revenue generating projects as well as new church plants in the states of Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, and Nevada. Beyond that, it is the intention of Lakeview CO. to share this model with any church that is interested in joining. Repeating this model is something Lakeview CO. intends to promote, train, support and empower in. 

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