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There is no question that health care costs in the United States are extremely high and there is a lot of spending that appears to be excessive from the providers and insurance companies. Our observation:

1. With funds from Lakeview Co. we will be able to pay down bulk hospital bills by doing large negotiations with these companies.

2. Through networking and counseling, we can help people get the best coverage that fits them.

3. With our legal team, we can negotiate with insurance companies to bring down the cost.

As this is our third phase, this one is the least flushed out but we have began the process of connecting with process of putting a team together so that we can begin solving this healthcare monster on a local level.

We believe that with the resources made from Lakeview Co. and the generosity from Lakeview Church, we can make a difference in helping people get control of this out of control healthcare experience.

Phase 3 will begin upon the ability to fund it and come up with the proper solutions. 

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